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Meet The Maker // Matine

When we spotted Matine's gorgeous leather goods on Instagram we got in touch with owner Carolyn Misterek immediately! A few weeks later, her scallop pouches and pencil cases are now sitting on our shop shelves and we love them. We had a chat with Carolyn to find out a bit more about Matine...

US: Hi Carolyn! So tell us, who and what is Matine? 

CAROLYN: MATINE is the name of my accessories line, which I started in 2012, but it actually doesn't come from the name of a person. MATINE is modified from the French 'le matin' meaning 'in the morning', but on its own it's actually a bit of nonsense. I love the sound of it and the loose tie to morning feels fresh and full of possibility. My background is in fine art and art history, but my career had led me into digital design work. I was working as a user experience designer, but I really wanted a creative outlet for myself. MATINE was a side project while I worked full time, but eventually it grew to the point that I needed to give it my full attention and in 2014 I left my day job.


US: Where are you located and what is your studio like? 

CAROLYN: We are based in Washington, D.C. and our studio is located in a historic carriage house on the property of the Heurich House Museum. There are several creative studios in the building, so it's a wonderful environment here in the middle of a city where most of the focus is on government and politics. I have a small team, Ana who handles customer service and helps with emails and social media, and Betsy, who works with me in the studio on production. I also work with a factory based in Portland, OR on some production so we're no longer making every single piece by hand.

US: What does your desk look like, what are your tools and supplies that you can't live without?
CAROLYN: I used to have a really sleek white desk, but I just took it out of the studio recently to clear some space. Now my desk is really any flat surface where I can set my computer! I find myself sitting on the floor a lot, so I also just recovered a vintage cot in leather to create a cozier seating area where I can sit down with my laptop or a notebook and get some work done. A few supplies that must be on hand at all times include a variety of tapes, stickers and notecards for packaging orders, a notebook for maintaining all of my to-do lists (I'm truly addicted to tiny notebooks) and my collection of scissors.  
US: If we came to visit your city, where would you take us for fun/eating/shopping?
CAROLYN: We would definitely take a trip to Union Market, this huge indoor market full of great food vendors and one of my favorite shops in D.C., Salt & Sundry. We would also spend some time wandering around Georgetown, as much to admire the charming homes and architecture as the streets full of shops. Finally we would end the day in my neighborhood in Capitol Hill for cocktails at Beuchert's Saloon and dinner at Rose's Luxury.
Thank you Carolyn!
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