Meet the Maker // In Haus Press

Here at Quill HQ we do love a trend (flamingo print notebook, anyone?) but we're taking Stationery Week as an opportunity to celebrate stationery classics, albeit contemporary ones that are created with timeless design and supreme quality in mind. One company that we're delighted to stock on the shelves of Quill London is In Haus Press, a luxury stationery brand based in San Francisco. This range of understated stationery is beautiful and combines an enduring love of paper with a subtle eye for detail. Created using black ink, the best quality paper stock and one of her three antique printing presses, each piece exudes quality and craftsmanship. What's more, the In Haus Press cards stocked at Quill come exclusively with the most beautiful blush envelopes - they are simply stunning!

To find out more about In Haus Press we had a chat with its creator, Treasa Ewing, a self-taught letterpress printer and designer... 

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm Treasa Ewing, and I'm the owner and creative director at In Haus Press, a luxury stationery brand in San Francisco. I design letterpress printed stationery that features a mix of original hand-drawn typography and historic wood type. 

How did you get into letterpress? Before In Haus Press, I was a pastry chef with a graphic design background. I realised that I preferred designing correspondence rather than recipes, so I decided to pursue what made me happy, and focus on stationery design. In 2010, my husband surprised me with a tabletop printing press, and I remember writing the business plan for In Haus Press that very night. I had no idea where to begin, but I knew I wanted to turn what I loved into a successful business. I spent every free moment learning everything there was to know about letterpress printing. Teaching yourself a craft is a beautiful thing. It's a lot of work, and you have to love the process. You have to want to be great at what you do, and be patient with yourself. For me there is no substitution for having learned something on your own. It was hard finding simple, stylish cards that I liked, so I began designing my own.  A handwritten note Is such a traditional and intimate way to communicate, and I love knowing that something I've designed will be used to convey someone's thought's and wishes.  That’s why a handwritten note - no matter the design - will always be in style.

What have been your career highlights? A recent highlight was last year, when my work caught the attention of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I was asked to design a suite for their 20th Anniversary issue, which was such a great experience.

What is your average day like? Each day in this one-girl printshop can be pretty unique, but it always starts with coffee. Then, after checking email to see what the day looks like, I process, package and ship the day's orders. Since my studio is in our apartment, I can easily work the day away, so I make sure I go for a long walk every day now. In the afternoon, you can either find me at my desk designing future collections, or at the press printing orders for our lovely stockists.

How would you sum up the style of In Haus Press? Traditional and minimalist.

Any dream collaborations? I've been so fortunate to have worked with such talented individuals over the years, and because I tend to draw inspiration from within the fashion industry, I love collaborating with brands that reflect our minimalist aesthetic. As for a dream collaboration, I really admire the work of Emerson Fry.

What is the slow printing method? As opposed to some presses that have motors or treadles, Slow Printing, our manual printing method, emphasizes hand-operated printing on our 3 antique presses. My studio is very small (64 square feet!) and can't accommodate larger equipment, so each piece is cut down individually and I print most things to order. It might sound really limiting, but for me, this process has taught me to  expand my creativity within my small space. You can do amazing things with the resources you have if you put your mind to it!

You mention that your three presses are antique - do you know much of their story, or their provenance from the time before you had them? While I don't know much about the lives of our presses before they came to our studio, I can tell you a little bit about them. My much loved, and very iconic Adana Eight-Five is a British press circa 1953, it was my first press, and I still use it for almost all of my printing. I also have an old-style Craftsman 6x10 Superior press, and a 103 year old Poco Proof Press named Zero.

What's next for In Haus Press?  I plan to expand my product line every season, and would love to have my own retail space - so I'm slowly taking the next steps to see if that can happen in the next year or so (fingers crossed!). 

Thank you so much, Treasa - it was a pleasure to chat! 

You can see the beautiful range of In Haus Press in store at Quill, here. To see what other stationery items we've included in our #stationerystories edit as part of Stationery Week, be sure to check out our instagram and twitter pages - @quilllondon.