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GUIDE / 25 ways to write a letter

It's letter-writing month and we're upping our letter writing game.  We want to encourage you to pick up a pen and get writing some snail mail this week. It could be as simple as a well-overdue thank you, or even just to say hi to an old friend but if you're stuck for ideas, here are a few to get you started:
  1. Write to the host of dinner party that you went to last weekend to thank them for having you over
  2. Write to a grandparent or member of your family to keep them up to date with how you are
  3. Write to a friend who you haven’t seen in a while
  4. Send your mum or grandma a recipe that you’ve recently made to let them know that they should try it
  5. Find an old photo and post it to somebody to share an fond memory - #TBT
  6. Write to someone who lives overseas or travels to tell them about how things are back home
  7. Buy a postcard from your local town and send it to someone who has moved away and tell them what has recently changed.
  8. Write a little note to your other-half and stick it in their pocket or bag – it’ll be a nice surprise stumbling across it
  9. Write a letter to an old teacher or boss and let them know how you are getting on having left school or that workplace
  10. Write another thank you card to the person who has bought you a gift to let them know that you’re still love using it
  11. Write a letter to your neighbour that has recently moved in
  12. Have a child at school? Their teacher will usually get a letter of complaint rather than praise, so write something complimentary
  13. Write a letter to your kid from the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus
  14. Write a letter to yourself to open in years to come and set some targets to accomplish
  15. Write a note to someone who’s pregnant and wish her well
  16. Congratulate someone who is doing something great for charity
  17. Write thank you cards to everyone you have received a gift from at Christmas or your birthday
  18. Write to someone whose wedding you’ve been to thank them for a great day
  19. Write a letter to your partner to tell them why you love them
  20. Write a letter to your postman
  21. Write to a friend of colleague to congratulate them on a recent promotion or achievement
  22. When you’re overseas – send that postcard!
  23. Thought of a funny joke? Write it down and send it to your best friend
  24. Write to a long-lost family friend to let them know how you are
  25. If none of the above inspires you, you can write us a letter at Quill and tell us about you and what you love.  Our address is:

37 Amwell Street