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With September looming, for many that means back to school or back to work.  We certainly have fond memories of our time going through the stationery shops to kit ourselves out with the coolest stationery to start the new school year with.  We speak to our favourite Quill ladies to get their back to school story.

We chat to artist, Julianna Byrne, our favourite Partnership Editions artist right now. Here is her story...


I remember being so disorganised that I would usually have to bring an old hand me down of my brothers or sisters. These were usually quite ornate wooden pencil boxes with sliding tops and Egyptian patterns, in hindsight there were extremely cool and I still have some in my home, but at the time all I wanted was a plastic bang on the door “groovy chick” pencil case and a fluffy pen and would be sick with jealously at anyone that had one.