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With September looming, for many that means back to school or back to work.  We certainly have fond memories of our time going through the stationery shops to kit ourselves out with the coolest stationery to start the new school year with.  We speak to our favourite Quill ladies to get their back to school story.

We chat to chef and author Rachel Khoo to get her back to school story:

My mum is Austrian which meant I spent many of my school holidays in Austria. I was always very jealous of the stationery my cousins had for school. Beautiful wooden handled Lamy fountain pens, Jolly colouring pencils and lots of different types of exercise books. There is a much wider range of stationery on offer in Austria as children have to bring their own stationery and exercise books to school. Luckily my grandma would always take me to the shop and buy me a few items for me to take back home.