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BACK TO SCHOOL / The Frugality


With September looming, for many that means back to school or back to work.  We certainly have fond memories of our time going through the stationery shops to kit ourselves out with the coolest stationery to start the new school year with.  We speak to our favourite Quill ladies to get their back to school story.

Alex Stedman of The Frugality tells us her back to school story:

I was that person at school who always had a brand new pencil case, matching pens and ring binder (remember them?! I haven't used one for about 15 years) every September. It would usually be from WH Smith and involve Harley Davidsons or hunks in just workmen trousers carrying tires! Everyone would wait until we started school and copy the set I would have - I've never been that cool ever again!