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BRAND / Ystudio

Ystudio is one of our favourite new stationers!  Made in Taiwan, their artisanal stationery is designed to restore the joy of writing by hand. Their traditionalist stationery returns the focus to superior craftsmanship and their classic design gives each piece a timeless appeal, making them thoughtful gifts for any writing aficionado. Reputed for their elegant and functional stationery, ystudio understands the importance of beauty in everyday objects.

What ystudio creates is not just the object itself, but also the true meaning behind it. They believe that each object embodies a deeper meaning. Through their products, they hope to bring people more imagination in their lives, that’s why they design products for daily use. ystudio believes that the value of simplicity in design is very important.

Made from the highest quality metals, ystudio’s writing instruments and desktop accessories are designed to age gradually with use, so that a rich patina will emerge over time. Without any surface treatment, each piece will develop an entirely unique pattern through the constant use of its proud owner.

Made in local Taiwanese factories, each of the stationery from ystudio is manufactured in furnaces reaching up to one thousand degrees heat and characterised by the masters’ hands with decades of experience.

Seeking to inspire self-reflection and tranquility, ystudio creates writing implements using traditional processes and raw materials to preserve a vanishing culture in our digital age.



Ystudio Stationery Quill London Black Ruler

Black Brass Ruler, £16.50

This 15cm brass ruler is made with precise graduations and is beautifully engineered to complement your stationery collection. The special black paint is etched away to leave the original brass shining through. Ystudio's 'brassing' range is inspired by the designer’s love of vintage cameras and draws on the worn ‘black over brass’ that comes with time and use.


Ystudio Stationery Quill London Brass Paperweight

Brass Paperweight, £15

This beautiful paperweight is made in solid brass with inverted cone design. The perfect gift for stationery lovers


Ystudio Stationery Quill London Brass Magnet Set

Brass Magnet Set, £16.50

Set of 3 magnets made in brass and copper. You could use this magnet with memo in the office, on the refrigerator or whiteboard.


Ystudio Stationery Quill London Brass Rollerball Pen

Brass Rollerball Pen, £88.00

The rollerball pen is exquisitely crafted in brass and copper to provide the optimum weight, with a smooth and steady feel when writing. The very best of materials are selected to create a pen that is expected to last you a lifetime.


Ystudio Stationery Quill London Desktop Fountain Pen

Brass Desktop Fountain Pen, £165.00

Reputed for their elegant and functional stationery, Ystudio understands the importance of beauty in everyday objects such as this copper desktop fountain pen 


Ystudio Stationery Quill London Portable Fountain Pen

Brass Portable Fountain Pen, £165.00

This much anticipated Portable Fountain Pen by Ystudio is solidly made, steady and smooth to write with. Its elegant design will add a touch of beauty to your desk.