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Modern Calligraphy Book // Cheltenham Literary Festival

As part of the book tour, we were very lucky to be asked to come promote our latest book at Cheltenham Literary Festival earlier this month and run a workshop where she and 18 visitors worked together to master the art of modern calligraphy

Our 'Modern Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Guide Book' is a great tool for those wanting to learn this super trendy art form, and unlock your creativity with pen and paper.  

Modern Calligraphy Book | Quill London

Designed for complete beginners, the book offers tips, tricks and techniques on the materials required and how to use them properly, how to approach the modern calligraphy letter forms, and most importantly explores ways to develop our own modern calligraphy style.

You'll learn about inks and how to make your own, how to use a brush to create calligraphy, and what you can do with your skill - from envelope addressing and event stationery to beautiful dinner party menus and gift tags.