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In the Press // YOU Magazine

Yesterday morning we settled down with our coffee and the Sunday papers and were very pleasantly surprised to see us featured in You Magazine.

Following the story that came out of how Meghan Markle is a whiz at calligraphy, having worked for some big names in her early career, they wrote a lovely piece on the modern calligraphy trend and "Why calligraphy is back in the loop".  It looks at why this fancy handwriting is having it's moment and why people are finding it relaxing, therapeutic and surprisingly addictive in this otherwise very digital age that we live in.

We're honoured to see us featured up there with our other favourite calligraphers and hand letterers including Imogen Owen, Rosalind Wyatt, Chiara Perano, Meticulous Ink and Betty Soldi.  Read the full article here.

You Magazine Modern Calligraphy Quill London

If you're interested in learning a new craft, you can learn more about Modern Calligraphy in our book, or by coming along to one of our Beginners Modern Calligraphy workshop.