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INSIDE QUILL / Lizzie Loves

In this new feature on our journal, we will be asking one of our team to share their most-loved things of the moment, from what's the hot fashion item they can't wait to get their hands on to their favourite book they can't put down.


This month we speak to 


Lizzie joined the Quill Team in August 2017 as our new Creative Director.  See what Lizzie loves below...



I’m currently obsessing over the clean lines and creativity of Palmer Harding. Known in the fashion industry as “the shirt boys” they’ve taken something so simple as the cotton shirt and created an exquisite and cutting edge brand that's perfect for Spring. 

Cutting at an angle, ruching, layering, and folding are just some of the techniques the duo use to take a traditional garment and propel it into the pages of Vogue. 

Although simplicity may look easy, the amount of attention to detail that would have gone into the perfection of each of their garments is astounding. This simplicity has also been reflected in their muted colour palette and understated patterns. 



My must see exhibition this year is the Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition at the V&A out in June. Showcasing all of Kahlo’s personal belongings from her clothes to her prosthetic leg this exhibition will undoubtedly give us an insight into this incredibly artist’s life. Set to be as big as the McQueen exhibition I would book your tickets yesterday. 




Whilst on a recent trip to California I picked up the New Yorker  in a wonderful book shop in San Francisco called 'Dog Eared Books'. I love this magazine for it's mix of culture and thought provoking articles and can't quite find its match here in the U.K. One article that I couldn't put down was the 'Christopher Steele, the man behind the behind the Trump dossier.' Despite being rather lengthy I promise you'll be left agog and feeling slightly squirmish about the links that are exposed around Russia and the Trump administration. 




As lots of my friends are currently popping out little ones faster than I can handle, my weekly trips to Baby JoJo Mama are becoming somewhat of a weekly ritual. Desperate to give something with a little more thought however I have found the perfect present for any new mum - a vase. Anyone who has had a baby will tell you that everyone gives you flowers to the point where you just don’t have anywhere to put them. My new and inspired (if I say so myself) gift is a beautiful vase to put all these flowers in. If I’m feeling particularly organised I may even engrave the date of the baby’s birth on the vase. 




A red lip. As we’re moving in between Winter and Spring I’m constantly stripping and piling on the layers trying to get my temperature right. My uniform of black is starting to be peppered with a few muted colours (only a few) but one thing won’t change, my love of a red lip. My favourite lipstick is Kat Von D’s ‘Outlaw’ red - mat, crisp and lasts all day. No matter the weather it'll brighten up your day.




The High Low. This wonderful podcast hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton covers everything from the hi brow to the low brow. They’re unafraid to challenge themselves and those around them on current issues, but are also happy to chat about the latest Kardasian Instagram post. Currently on a hiatus whilst Pandora has a well earned break (oh and a baby) I can’t wait to hear what they both have in store for us next season. 


Next on INSIDE Quill we'll be speaking to Lucy to see what she loves.