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London Letters Club / Letter from the founder

Quill London | Letter Writing Month | London Letters Club | Letter From Founder


Dear reader,

It’s hard to believe that London Letters Club turns two this April. When we started this little initiative in 2017, we never thought we'd pair up so many individuals from across the world. We love your enthusiasm for letter writing, admire your desire to maintain it’s revival and it’s incredible to see the friendships that have been formed all through putting pen to paper. 

Returning to this analogue way is what I love most about writing letters. It encourages you to stop, slow down and think about your message. Without the much-relied-upon autocorrect or back-space, what you choose to hand-write is far more considered and also flecked with the beauty of human error. I love spotting the crossings-out on the page and wondering what words lie beneath them, and noticing the ink-splodges and wondering if they came about through thoughtfulness or haste. Every mark, speck and smudge makes the letter you hold feel truly unique.

Writing your first letter can be incredibly daunting, especially when you feel like you have nothing to say. Couple that with the fear of ruining your beautiful writing paper and it’s enough to make you want to quit before you start. But, I believe the best letters start with few words and sometimes end up in a completely different place to where you thought. If you’re just getting started or stuck for new ideas to write about in your next letter, we’ve included a few ideas that will hopefully get you inspired:


À la Queen Elizabeth, who once sent a letter to President Eisenhower with her very own drop scones recipe!


A couple of our members once told us that they include a fun-flavoured tea-bag with each letter that they write. Then, every time one of them receives a letter from their pen-pal, they put the kettle on and sip on their cup of tea whilst reading it.


Not everyone that has reached out to us is from the UK and so some have taken the opportunity to start brushing up on their language skills. This analogue yet interactive way of language-learning might just be what you need to keep your practice up!


If you’re both avid readers, suggesting a two-person book-club might be a surefire way of knowing what to write about. That, coupled with the time it takes to read the book will mean there is no pressure to write back quickly!

Once you have your letter planned out, it’s time to bite the bullet and begin writing. Below are a few of our must-have writing utensils that will make your letter-writing run smoothly:


Perhaps THE essential item for all of your letter-writing endeavours. Without the Lettermate, all of our addresses would be written so wonkily!


There's nothing better than penning a letter with a beautifully smooth fountain pen. Lately, my favourite ink is our Smokey Grey by Kaweco. It's dark enough to make an impact but not as harsh as black ink would be on the page.

Quill London | Letter Writing Month | London Letters Club | Letter From Founder


Having a set of personalised correspondence cards to hand is always useful when you need to send a quick note of thanks. Keep them near your desk with matching envelopes and you'll be sure to stand out when your recipient receives one in the post. 

Quill London | Letter Writing Month | London Letters Club | Letter From Founder


If you'd like to get involved in our little letter-writing club then please do get in touch. We run quarterly letter-writing socials that give people the chance to catch up on their correspondence in the company of like-minded people. Whether you're enthused by the epistolary tea-trading or you just want to make a friend, we'd be thrilled to pair you up with another budding letter-writer, no matter where you are in the world. 

Yours faithfully,