Modern Calligraphy: How I Got Started

 Modern Calligraphy: How I Got Started

Modern calligraphy has taken the world by storm in the last decade and I'm thrilled to have helped kickstart the UK's obsession with it.

I came to calligraphy quite by accident. A few years ago I began to notice this stylish writing appear on my Pinterest and Instagram feeds, and discovered that it had a name: Modern Calligraphy. After becoming completely captivated, I realised that it was almost all coming from the USA and consequently, there was nowhere here in the UK that you could learn it. I thought it could be fun to put on a workshop event here in London for our stationery-loving customers, so I found a fabulous British calligrapher and implored her to teach it for us. That class was meant to be a one-off but Quill has never looked back! Since picking up a pen for the first time in that class I was hooked. But like any skill, just like learning to drive, speaking a new language or playing a musical instrument, it takes time and practice to master. I have to admit I didn’t take to it very easily, and I’ve progressed only through sheer determination. I am a living example of that age-old mantra “practice makes perfect”! (Well, there’s always room for improvement…)

Modern calligraphy has been an unexpected but exciting twist in my career. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands and people, who have commissioned my lettering style for all kinds of projects, from fashion week invitations and events to personalising luxury goods, and from bespoke stationery to tattoos. I’ve met many amazing people through my classes. I’m humbled that Quill, along with all the inspirational calligraphers that we have had the pleasure of working with, has been at the forefront of this revival in the UK. 

We're delighted that you have decided to join this incredible community of lettering lovers and so excited to be starting a new series of blog posts dedicated to answering all of your those calligraphy-related questions! 

To get started in Modern Calligraphy or for more tips, tricks and techniques pick up a copy of our book, 'Modern Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Art of Creativity'.