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NEW / Avocado-dyed paper

We fell in love with these notecards from LVR Naturals.  Did you know that avocado can be used as a natural dye in the prettiest of colours? We spoke to Virginia at LVR to find out about the story behind her love of avocado dye.

"My journey with paper was really a way to minimise waste and try to utilise all my resources.  I began dyeing with avocado before anything else.  It was my first love in the dyeing world and has remained a steady lover since.  It was a trip to Nashville years before I started dyeing that I came upon a set of napkins that were dyed with avocado.  I was amazed.  I logged that information away in my head and then years later when I began the journey of natural dyeing, that is where I started.  With every dye pot, there is still colour to be soaked up, but not always enough for more yardage of fabric.  I started dyeing paper as an experiment and it took, using cotton to keep the consistency with being a fabric based business.  To use up what colour I could and to exhaust the pot, I also dyed silk ribbon and cotton thread and whatever else would be good carriers of colour.  And then, and only when I don't think I can really get good colour or just feel too much heat has been applied to the dye pot, I dispose of it, using it as water for my plants. 
For me, I love seeing how different results nature yields.  How you can guide the result, but not control it.  How you allow nature to reveal itself.  Avocados can give anything from a terracotta tan to a dusty rose pink.  All beautiful and all from the same source.  I use both the skins and the stones as I feel the colour achieved is a bit fuller and rounded."

Take a look for yourself.  You can find LVR Naturals notecard sets online here.