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NEWS / August's Modern Calligraphy Project

This August, we're launching the start of our Modern Calligraphy Project.  We find it hard to think of words to write when we're practicing - we have a total brain block!  We're hoping our new modern calligraphy project will help you too.  



What is it?

Each month we're going to give you a topic to focus your calligraphy practice on.  We are kicking it off with the theme 'TRAVEL'. It can be places you've visited, words of wanderlust or even quotes about travel.  

How to get involved?

Whatever you end up writing, whether it be some calligraphy scribbles in your practice pad, or a framed piece of work, simply post your piece on Instagram or Facebook and don't forget to tag us so we can share our favourites! 

What is next?

Next month we'll give you a new theme to carry on your practice so check the journal at the beginning of September.  We'll also publish some of our favourites from the current 'TRAVEL' theme.

Happy practicing!