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NEWS / Our Book's 1 Year Anniversary

This month we're very excited to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Lucy's book - or our Bookaversary as we're calling it in the studio!  To celebrate, we would love to write you a personalised note by way of saying thank you to anyone who places an order which includes our Modern Calligraphy Book before Sunday 10th June.


This last year has certainly flown by and we're thrilled to see so many calligraphy enthusiasts buying the book and learning a new skill, which we've fallen in love with!

Lucy - "It's been amazing to meet and read about all the lovely people that have bought it an are enjoying having a go, and I want to say a wholehearted thank you to everyone that's supported it.  I also wanted to say a very special thank you to Imogen Owen.  She is one of the UK's very first modern calligraphers, a wonderful and inspiring lettering artist, designer and maker who taught our very first classes what we hosted back in 2014 before I even knew what to do with a nib, and without whom I would not be doing half the fun things I get to do everyday.   Whoever people ask me how I got started in modern calligraphy I always laugh and tell them it was completely by accident, and that becoming a calligrapher, let along writing a book about it, was completely unplanned which is 100% true.  But that's the funny thing about life, you just have to go where it takes you and I am so pleased calligraphy found me."