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NEWS / Turn your calligraphy into a business

This Spring we've added a new feature workshop to our schedule: Turn your calligraphy into a business. Lucy explains here how this workshop might help you.


I've seen thousands of people come to our workshops since they started in 2014. Some have booked on because they're on a mission to try new things, some because they're yearning for a hobby that will take them away from their screens and phones for a few precious hours, some because they're long-time typography lovers, and others because they're getting married and want to use it for envelopes and place cards. Whatever the reason for getting started, I am so happy that a small number of these people have become completely hooked and are still at it years later! After meeting several times at our many Improvers workshops, it felt like the final chapter in our story with this amazing and talented bunch, to help them turn their skills from a hobby into a thriving business.  
I am by no means an expert but as I've had a head start I wanted to share my knowledge of the British modern calligraphy industry and how to launch and brand a business with a unique point of view. I expect that one of the biggest challenges for people starting out is knowing how to price and quote jobs, and how to win - and keep - clients. Perhaps most helpfully, I also have many stories of what to do when things don't go to plan! I'll be able to share my experience of printing methods and paper stocks too. No doubt there will also be lots of other things that people will want to ask about and I'm here to help in any way I can. 
I think it's also useful to know that there are others facing the same challenges, and I hope that each class will form a network of support for each other as they all get started in business. It can be as simple as having someone to ask when you're about to start a job and the ink isn't behaving. Or some encouragement after a day of dealing with tricky clients.
Making a business from something you love makes it the best job ever, and I think there's plenty of room in the industry for talented, creative calligraphers with a unique style. I'm excited to be a small part of their success.
Our workshop dates are published online with the next available being held on 14th April.  We will be running more through the year so do sign up to our workshop mailing list so we can notify you by email when the dates are published.