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On our desk today

While the supplies in our bustling studio can get reorganised from project to project, our desk is the one place where there's calm among the storm. Here are six essential items that stay in residence in our desktop.


Quill London Stationery Shibui Desktop Organiser

A new addition to the studio, but already a firm favourite. The laptop users love this desk organiser  because it keeps their desktop essentials in one tidy space and our calligraphers love it for keeping their pen holder safe away from newly written papers.  It combines a smooth walnut tray with a highly polished and weighted bronze penholder. 


Quill London Stationery Notem Notebooks

These notebooks from Notem are also new to the studio but a hit with everyone. They bring a hint of fun with their red stripe design and an ease for writing in.  Our favourite is the Light Grey Notebook where it comes with both plain and lined paper.  The perfect combination for sketches, scribbles and note-taking.


Quill London Penco Brass Clipboard

We have a lot of fly-away pieces of paper that often get misplaced.  This clipboard is the perfect way to keep everything together. Made in Japan, they have a durable brass clip to protect and display your documents in style.


Quill London Stationery YStudio Desktop Fountain Pen

Made from the highest quality brass and copper, Ystudio’s Desktop Pen is designed to age gradually with use, so that a rich patina will emerge over time and comes with a weighted pen brass pen holder.  We love using this smooth fountain pen for all of our important correspondence. 


Quill London Stationery Midori D Clips Dachshund Paperclips


Midori's dachshund paperclips are one of our favourite little pieces of Japanese stationery. We use them on everything! They come with a gold finish and safely stored inside a matchbox sized box.