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Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks

1. The Letter Ledger

Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks: Letter Ledger

The Letter Ledger offers an easy way to keep track of conversation with your letter-writing pals and keep planning for the next one. In the back you'll find more space for addresses, plus a place for birthdays!


2. The Lettermate

Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks: The Lettermate

The Lettermate is one of our favourite tools for envelope addressing. Write inside the given spaces, or use the template for quick and easy pencil guidelines. Perfect for those of us who can't write in a straight line!


3. Macchiato Fountain Pen by Kaweco

Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks: Macchiato Kaweco Fountain Pen

Not only do we love it for its gorgeous macchiato colour, we love the Kaweco Skyline Sport's retro style and pocket size. Perfect for on-the-go and for those last minute handwritten notes.


4. Luxury Letter Writing Kit

Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks: Luxury Letter Writing Kit

These ten handprinted writing paper sheets with matching envelopes are perfect for sending a handwritten note with an added luxury feel.


5. Letter Opener

Our Top 5 Letter Writing Picks: Letter Opener

An elegant addition to your desk top stationery. Crafted in Italy from hard tempered steel, this graceful yet practical tool features a gold plated handle and engraved ruler in centimeters.