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At My Desk: Anna Singh of Chinti and Parker

Q&A With Chinti And Parker's Anna Singh

We’ve been such big fans of knitwear brand Chinti and Parker for a really long time! We were lucky enough to chat with co-founder and creative director Anna Singh to find out what she surrounds herself with on her desk to keep her inspired and organised...

What does your working wardrobe look like?

I like to be comfortable, yet I still like my look to reflect my personality. Much like the Chinti and Parker design framework, I like my looks to be easy yet with character.

What does your working day look like? How do you and Rachael split the workload?

My working day is non-stop as I am usually on emails from morning to night, at different intervals. When I head into the office, I have meetings through the day with different internal departments, including the design, wholesale and digital teams, as well as PR, and different agencies we work with. We work quite collaboratively, although I tend to focus more on the business aspect, and Rachael has more of a say in the creative.

Has your personal style developed or changed, since becoming a mum perhaps, or as C&P has grown?

My style has actually been quite consistent – I have always been and still am a bit of a tomboy with an appreciation for denim, effortlessness, and French style. But I’ve definitely accumulated a few more cashmere sweaters!

To whom or where do you turn for inspiration? Do you find following catwalk trends or street-style trends more useful?

Both. Catwalk because with a full look, it’s easier to get a sense of the designer’s vision and mood, and that can make a strong impression on you. And street style more for styling inspiration. Sometimes there’s a piece that I don’t think is very me, but then with street style I see different ways of styling it that I may not have thought of. I think we have street style to thank for dresses with sneakers, which I love.


Q&A With Chinti And Parker's Anna Singh

Do the ceramics on your desk have a story?

The cup was part of a wedding present.

Which pens and paper do you design with/on, if you have a favourite?

I like my Quill Personalised Notebook and Muji pens.

What 'things' do you like to surround yourself with when a) getting creative b) getting down to business?

For getting creative, a cup of green tea and a Tuberose Diptyque candle. Almonds for a snack. I like the same things when getting down to business.

I know everyone asks, but what are you favourite Chinti pieces?

For Spring/Summer 17, it’s a tie between our Leopard Intarsia Cashmere Tracksuit and the Colour Block Ruffle Dress.

Q&A With Chinti And Parker's Anna Singh

Planning: paper or digital or both?

A mix of both. Sometimes I intentionally sit and brainstorm for longer periods, and in this case it’s a notebook. Yet I often also think of ideas in transit, where I pull out the Notes app.

What stationery could you not be without?

Quill’s Monogrammed Correspondence Cards. For many situations, they mean much more than sending a text.

What's in the pipeline for C&P, if you can say? Trends, colours, motifs, projects, collaborations etc?

Spring/Summer ’17 was very vibrant and tropical, with a lot of art-inspired jungle motifs and colours. Pre-Fall ’17 will be a lot darker and moodier, with lots of new fabrics and textiles introduced, so the shift will be a fun contrast. We also have our exclusive Zodiac Cashmere Sweaters, with unique colours for each sign launching soon, as well as a collaboration with Moomins.