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As much as I loved the summer holidays, August filled me with dread as this was the time that my parents would start preparing for the new school year. We'd go to John Lewis to buy a new uniform that was alway a size too big for me to make it last until the next growth spurt.  As for the skirt - it was far too long and the overly starched pleats made it difficult to roll them up.  My friends and I had the annual battle with our parents over 'sensible socks' and whether white trainer socks with black leather shoes was a good look (of course it was!) and the debate over whether our backpacks would be big enough to fit our A4 binders. Explaining to our parents that it was cool to hold the binders was impossible for them to understand. In hindsight, I can see their point.  

The only thing that we seemed to agree on was the need for good stationery.  Every summer holiday we'd take a trip to our local arts shop where the shelves were filled with the latest Groovy Chick paraphernalia and jelly pens - if I was lucky, they'd have glitter in the ink or they'd smell of strawberry.  Picking out back to school stationery was a statement.  Should you choose a pencil tin or a pencil case.  Should you get a bend-in-the-middle ruler or a straight one.  Should you get blue ink cartridges for your fountain pen or black.  I'd spend hours in this little shop in town giving each item great practical thought.  After all, if you ended up buying the same pencil case as Amy Munroe in Double Maths, well that would be social-suicide!

I'm thrilled to say that this was well nearly 20 years ago and times, as well as my tastes, have certainly changed. However, my love for stationery hasn't and I still put a lot of thought into each and every item I buy and use.  Of course, working here at Quill is a daily dream and I'm spoilt for choice. Below are my top Back to School stationery picks for kids or adults.  They'd make a perfect addition to anyone's school bag or office desk.





Pencil case by Printworks, £19.00

A bold colour like this one is certain to stand out in the bottom of your bag.  It's just the right size to fit all your essentials in for on-the-go. 



Set of Notebooks from Darling Clementine, £14.50

These A5 notebooks are compact and come with lined paper.  Their bold prints are what grabbed by eye - I love their rust red tones. 



Kaweco Fountain Pen, £21.50

Compact and smooth to write, the Kaweco is a firm favourite in my pencil case and on my desk. 




Paris Brass Scissors, £14.50

Shaped like the Eiffel Tower when closed, they're perfectly pocket sized to fit into your pencil case.



Laptop case from Printworks, from £44

These cases come in two different sizes and are perfectly sleek to fit into your bag without bulking it out too much.  My favourite is the nude colour option which comes with a stylish yellow trim. 




Blackwing Pencils, £30

If you favour a pencil over a pen, these are for you!  Beautifully smooth to write with, they also come with an replaceable eraser.