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Staff Picks // Top Recipe Books

Second to good stationery, here at Quill we love food! What we're having for lunch and dinner that evening is a hot topic of conversation between us, and food envy is an often occurrence.  We're lucky enough to have Exmouth Market on our doorstep so we're spoilt for choice when it comes to buying lunch. We've recently added a few coffee table books to the shop for great gift ideas and food seems to be a running feature.  These are a few of our staff's favourite books and recipes which would make a great addition to any bookshelf or kitchen as well as a top gift idea:

Raw by Solla Eiriksdottir
Chloe: Raw has been edited beautifully and simply.  The added bonus within this recipe book is that they also provide seasonal activities, such as 'Growing greens indoors' in Winter and 'Picking wild berries' in Autumn. They've made it very easy to read and made raw food approachable and appealing to people that aren't in the know."

Trullo by Tim Siadatan
Lucy: "Trullo is one of my favourite restaurants and it is super handy that it's just down the road from us in Islington.  I can't wait to try their pasta dishes at home."

Simple Fare: Spring/Summer by Karen Mordechai
Lizzie: "I really love the large format of this recipe book - it makes the beautiful images pop.  It is simple and easy to read with the columned description. My favourite recipe is the Slow Cooked Oat Porridge with honeycomb, white sesame, chamomile and cyprus salt. It is so delicious."

The Great Dixter Cookbook by Aaron Bertelsen
Hollie: "I love all things garden, but not that knowledgable on how to make the most of my vegetable patch all year round.  The Great Dixter is a great tool, gives extensive tips and information on all of the fruit and veg that I'd like to grow. My favourite recipe is currently seasonal:  Sausages and Pumpkin Mash. 

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