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Wedding Stationery // Tips for Thanks You Cards

Wedding stationery doesn't stop at the invitations.  Don't forget the thank you cards.  Here are 5 little tips to get you started: 

1. Between the guest list information, the checklist for your RSVPs and dietary requirements, you'll probably find it tricky to keep on top of all the information.  Some people are a spreadsheet genius, whilst others like to keep a journal in a notebook. However you keep yourself organised, don't forget to also keep a record of what you've received.  It can take some time to get round to writing them so it's good not to forget who has got your what.  Have a look at Sugar Paper's beautiful Gift Journal:

Sugar Paper Gift Journal Wedding Stationery Quill London

2.  From the point that you start to put your guest list together, and send out your thank you cards, for some of you this might happen over a couple of years.  Always keep your address book up to date with any changes so your thanks are received.

Address Book Rifle Stationery Quill London

3.  When choosing your thank you cards, think about the style and colours of your previous wedding stationery.  Where possible, try to keep some similarities to keep it all in line together.  Everyone has that grandparent or Auntie that will no doubt keep everything as a momentum.

4. Don't forget to think about what pen you want to use.  We've gathered our favourites here - perfect for any handwritten correspondence. 

5. Think about how to make it stand out from the rest.  Wedding calligraphy is a great way to add that personalised and elegant touch.  Whether it be through envelope addressing or having your own married monogram foil-stamped onto each card or having wax seal stamps on each envelope, a little extra is always well received. 

Do let us know if we can help design your thank you cards, or add an element of wedding calligraphy or personalisation.  You can either pop into our London store for a chat or get in touch on 0207 833 8562 or