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Modern Calligraphy by Maki Shimano

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We're delighted to stock the long-awaited book of one of our favourite Calligraphers, Maki Shimano - one of the leaders in Modern Calligraphy. 

This book is packed with how-to guides and demonstrations from the basic steps to to various advanced styling ideas.

"As one of the lessons, I started calligraphy from an early age, fascinated by the world, and in the bridal industry.  While working as a wedding planner, I also engaged in work with a brush. Since there was no pioneer in Japan, I learned from a foreign calligrapher and studied on my own" - Maki

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains both Japanese and English language.  The guide text is written in Japanese, but the examples of calligraphy shown are all in English.  

Size: 18.5cm x 26cm

Language: English and Japanese

Country of manufacture: Japan