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Self Inking Copper Stamp - Medium

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Self Inking Copper Stamp by WMS & Co.

The heavy-duty metal design of WMS & Co's signature self inking rubber stamp makes quite an impression. 

Electroplated with copper, the finish bears markings of the plating process, creating a natural patina that imparts charm and character. Retaining the best of Old World European craftsmanship, the handles are derived from the design of a 19th-century paperweight, crafted in solid hardwood, painted gloss black and finished with the distinctive W button. This retractable stamping mechanism conveniently contains a hidden ink pad so there is no need for a separate ink pad.  

WMS & Co stampers have one foot in the Old World and another in the now. The very act of using a manual stamp in this digital era feels positively subversive. It's a distinctive way of personalising packaging and communications whilst adding a layer of instant patina. Whether you're stamping a business logo, your personal monogram or an ex libris label, the mark left by these stamps is truly indelible.

This model accommodates interchangeable typographic imprint plates so it can be used for multiple messages. One imprint plate is included with your Stamper: upload your own artwork, customise your typographic imprint templates or select readymande imprints. 

With each stamp, you will receive a code that will take you to a unique website where you can order your personalised imprint with free international shipping. 

Imprint Size: 5 x 5.5cm

Made in Poland. Rubber die made in the USA. Assembled in the USA.