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FineTec Rose Gold Ink Palette

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Introducing our Finetec Rose Gold Ink Palette.

With a variety of ink shades, from red and rose to rose gold, gold and bronze, this brighter palette provides all the colours you need to make your own unique colours!

Made of mica, a natural mineral that offers a wide variety of metallic shades. Activate with a little water on the palette and apply to the nib with a brush. Adheres to all absorbent surfaces, such as paper, wood, gypsum, etc.

Colours (L-R): Red, Rose, Copper Pearl, Gold Pearl, Bronze and Rose Gold

To learn how to use this rose gold ink palette, head over to our blog for a step-by-step guide.

We've got a great mixed set of popular Modern Calligraphy nibs that are perfect to use with coloured & thicker inks. Comes with a protective tin to safely store all of your nibs.

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