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Kyoto Ink - Keshimurasaki


Beautifully packaged and versatile writing ink created by TAG Stationery of Kyoto. Each of these inks are named after unique places in ancient Japan and are a joy to write with.

The Kyoto range of inks were born from a collaboration with Japanese stationery store TAG and the Kyoto Kusakubi Laboratory, a specialist manufacturer of colour dyes. The inks are made in the Japanese city of Kyoto and the manufacturing process follows traditional dyeing techniques dating back to the Heian era between the years 794 and 1185. 

This Keshimurasaki ink in inspired by the formal kimono dresses during the Heian era, when Kyoto was the capital of Japan. 'Keshi' means offset and 'Murasaki' means purple, which is exactly the shadowy and smoky purple colour of the ink.

Can be used with fountain pens and also in dip-pen calligraphy.

Size: 40ml

Made in Japan