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Posca Brush Pen - White

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Posca Brush Pens provide all the convenience and variety of a normal Posca pen, but with the added bonus of a flexible brush nib. The ink is water-based and therefore odourless and is safe for children (over 5 years). The ink can be easily washed with soap and water, if it comes into contact with skin.

To prime your Posca Brush pen, start by shaking it vigorously (with the cap on) until you can hear the ball inside. Then remove the protective cap on the top button and press a few times. Test on a piece of scrap paper first to check if the ink is flowing properly. If your Poscas have dried out, repeat this technique to get them flowing again, and pull out and reverse the nib to reveal a brand new one.

Posca ink is permanent on porous surfaces, and removable from smoother surfaces such as blackboards. To add to permanence on porous surfaces, Poscas can be varnished, baked on to ceramics and even ironed on to fabrics!

Posca ink can be overlaid to create different effects, and to cover mistakes, and can be used on surfaces such as:

Paper, Cardboard, Tracing Paper, Clay, Stone, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, Fabrics, Plastics, Glass, Smooth and Raw Leather, Suede, Wax and even Eggshells!