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Hunt Nibs

Nearly twenty years after the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company began manufacturing steel pen nibs, Hunt joined together with letterers Ross F. George and William H. Gordon to create and perfect a nib with a reservoir. Shortly after, the nickname 'Speedball' was coined due to the efficiency of the pen and it's ability to cut writing time in half. Since then, both the Speedball and Hunt names have become synonymous with high-quality dip pen nibs, with Speedball now proudly manufacturing complementary products, most notably the Speedball Straight Pen Holder and also the Oblique Pen Holder.

Browse our favourite Hunt nibs below. Each of the nibs can produce healthy swells of ink and larger letters. If you're just starting out with your practice in Modern Calligraphy, we'd recommend the Hunt 56 - it's steady and durable and is great on both smooth or textured papers. For projects that require larger writing, the Hunt 101 is a great choice - it is steady yet strong and requires firm and deliberate pressure to open swells, making it perfect for student practice. If you're looking for an extremely flexible nib then the Hunt 99 is just that - a light touch is all that is needed to produce thick swells while the nib glides effortlessly across the paper.

Please note: all new dip pen nibs com coated with an invisible protective serum to keep them from rusting. Please remove this before use, which you can do by dipping the nib in hot water and rubbing off the film. Head over to our blog to find out other ways to prepare your nib.

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Hunt 56 Nib | Calligraphy Supplies | Hunt | Quill London
Hunt 56 Nib


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Hunt 99 Nib | Calligraphy Supplies | Hunt | Quill London
Hunt 99 Nib


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