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We're excited to announce our Japanese stationery pop-up which launches Friday 22/09 to Sunday 22/10! We've always adored all things Japanese, and have championed Japanese stationery since Quill was founded. Our recent calligraphy workshop in Tokyo has given us an excuse to source some extra special goodies and share all our favourite finds with you.

You'll find everything from teeny envelopes in the softest of papers, Letterpress tags from Winged Wheel, cult-favourite erasers and pens from Le Pen and Pentel, gorgeous greetings cards and notebooks galore from Dressco, Life Co, and Delfonics. 

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Neon Pink Edge Envelope - Quill London
Neon Pink Edge Envelope
Sold Out
Glue - Quill London
Turnback Clip - Copper - Quill London
Dot and Stripe Letter Set - Quill London
Gold Eraser - Quill London
Gold Eraser
Sold Out
Turnback Clip - Brass
Turnback Clip - Brass
From £0.40
Life Vermilion Notebook - Quill London
Illustrated Postcard - Quill London
Silk Twine - Quill London
Silk Twine
Sold Out
Sketchbook - Quill London
Brass pencil - Quill London
Brass pencil
Octopus Letterpress Mini Card & Envelope - Quill London

24 results

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