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Finetec Pick-and-Mix Palette

Brand new for all you calligraphers this month, we have increased our collection of Finetec to 24 metallic shades so that you can create your own perfect pick-and-mix palette! There are some gorgeous hues available, from teal blue and minty greens to burnt orange and purples, not to mention their signature glittering golds and silvers. Plus, we're inviting you to give your unique palette a name, and we'll post it to you with a personalised label. Simply reply to us via your order confirmation with the name, such as 'Amy's Palette' (max. 25 characters) you'd like us to add and we'll do the rest.

Just add your 6 favourite colours to your basket and you'll receive your bespoke palette already made up for you.
£24.90 for a set of six (palette box free of charge with any order of six). While stocks last!
24 results
Finetec Pearl Metallic Ink Refill - Bronze | Calligraphy Supplies | Coliro | Quill London
Peach - Finetec Metallic Ink
Indian Summer - Finetec Metallic Ink
Inca Gold - Finetec Metallic Ink
Tibet Gold - Finetec Metallic Ink
Gold Pearl - Finetec Metallic Ink
Arabic Gold - Finetec Metallic Ink
Moon Gold - Finetec Metallic Ink
Sunbeam - Finetec Metallic Ink
Sterling Silver - Finetec Metallic Ink
Silver Pearl - Finetec Metallic Ink
Starburst - Finetec Metallic Ink

24 results

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