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Calligrapher's Care Kit

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We've created this Calligrapher's Care Kit for all of you that are looking to pick up your calligraphy pen and practice during this period of lock-down.  We've gathered up our favourite nibs, and paired it with our favourite black and emerald green ink.  Our practice book included comes with both plain and lined pages, which makes it perfect for your calligraphy drills and for when you'd like to have a go at flourishing your letter forms.  This box set provides everything you need to continue with your calligraphy journey while you're cocooning at home! Your order will be packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

The box includes:

Our practice book, specially designed with guide lines for your lettering practice. Gold foiled cover and brass stitches

Jar of Black ink 

Jar of Emerald Green ink 

- 4 x Nikko G Nib

- 2 x Brause 361 Nib

- 2 x Zebra Nib

- 2 x Gillot 404 Nib

- Nib packet to store your nibs, foil printed in gold

- Mist coloured presentation box with black foil detailing.  The perfect way to keep your materials tidy and together*

To get started in Modern Calligraphy or for more tips, tricks and techniques pick up a copy of our book, 'Modern Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Art of Creativity'. 

*We’re very sorry but we have run out of the boxes shown in the picture and can’t produce more at this current time, so our kits will include a different box and not shown.