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Calligraphy Lovers Set


Give the perfect gift to those who love to write beautifully with this 2nd edition of our popular 'Calligraphy Lovers Box'. From iridescent ink and our Mixed Set of 5 Nibs to the ultimate tool to helping you write in a straight line (the Lettermate!), this box set provides everything you need to further your calligraphy journey! Your order will be packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

The box includes:

- Our practice book, specially designed with guide lines for your lettering practice. Gold foiled cover and brass stitches.

- Mixed set of 5 nibs, including: Brause 361 nib, Brause 76 nib, Leonardt Principal nib, Zebra G nib and Hunt 56 nib

- A jar of Dr Martin's iridescent ink; choose from: Bronze, Silver or Copper

- A Lettermate - perfect for helping you line up your envelopes and write in a straight line!

- An oblique pen holder with an adjustable brass flange

- 5 black envelopes, perfect for practising your calligraphy skills on, especially using the metallic ink!

To get started in Modern Calligraphy or for more tips, tricks and techniques pick up a copy of our book, 'Modern Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Art of Creativity'.