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Tombow Irojiten Pencil Set - Woodlands Vol 4-6


Coloured pencil box set by Japanese brand Tombow.

This is the second of the three box sets that make up the 'Irojiten', which translates to 'dictionary of colours' or 'colour encyclopedia'. It's only fitting that each volume is designed to look and open like a book, with an elastic closure to keep the top closed and all the pencils in place.  

In this set, the colour palettes of each volume have been carefully chosen to encompass the essence of a Woodland. It features: Pale Tone II, Deep Tone II and Light Grayish Tone I. 

Combined with Part 1 and 3, totalling 90 pencils, you should find you have all the colours that make up the landscapes of the natural world.

The pencils blend and lay easily without the waxy build-up associated with other pencils. Each pencil has a brilliant white barrel, with a coloured end that matches the colour of the lead. They sharpen beautifully, are low in wax content, and provide maximum colour and a creamy feel.

Part 2 includes 30 pencils, as pictured.

Size: 9.5 x 5.5 x 19.8 cm

Volume 4 - Pale Tone II includes: Rose Pink, Apricot, Gamboge, Straw Yellow, Spring Green, Mint Green, Turquoise, Celeste Blue, Hyacinth Blue, Crocus

Volume 5 - Deep Tone II includes: Plum, Maroon, Terra Cotta, Bamboo, Mustard, Moss Green, Cactus Green, Spruce, Teal Blue, Indigo

Volume 6 - Light Grayish Tone I: Fawn, Cork, Sallow, Wax Yellow, Willow, Mist Green, Quartz Green, Porcelain Blue, Campanula Blue, Sea Fog

Part 1 and Part 3 are also available

Made in Japan