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Box of 12 Blackwing Pearl pencils (medium)

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Blackwing Pencils are widely regarded as the finest pencil ever made, having accumulated a cult following since several eminent 20th century writers and artists used them. The list of known users includes John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones (who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and numerous other Looney Tunes characters).  

Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, and the men and women whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years.

These Pearl pencils are firmer than the regular Blackwing pencils, but are still soft and dark. They are most similar to a 3B grade of lead. They stay sharper for longer, so people who enjoy smooth pencils but don’t want to sharpen them as often prefer these Pearl pencils. Their balance of darkness and hardness also makes them great for people who want to use the same pencil for both writing and drawing. The Blackwing Pearl has a pearlescent white finish with a gold ferrule and black eraser.

The erasers are replaceable and are much more efficient than standard pencil erasers due to their flat ends.

Size: Pencils are 20cm long

Lead: Medium finish (this pencil sits between the Blackwing and Blackwing 602)

Also comes in Soft and Firm

Box of 12

Comes with replaceable eraser

Made in Japan