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Although today the wax seal is commonly used to enclose paper documents, its origins date back to before the invention of pen or paper. Its first use, in Mesopotamia, came in the form of a cylinder seal used to authenticate written tablets by leaving its impression in the clay. Sadly, the manufacture of pre-gummed envelopes and postal reforms led wax sealing into a steady decline during the 20th Century. However, the hand-written letter is unexpectedly reclaiming its place as a more intimate way of communicating with loved ones. And, to this day, there's still no more beautiful or uncomplicated way to seal a personal letter to someone important than with your own wax seal.
Choose from a range of wax seal stamps from peonies to olive branches by wonderful Hong Kong based company, Stamptitude, and enjoy a range of coloured wax sticks to seal your lovely snail-mail. For that added personal touch, opt for the monogram wax seal stamp designed in our London calligraphy studio.
To learn how to use a wax seal stamp, head over to our blog for a step-by-step guide.

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