Taiwanese label Ystudio’s artisanal stationery is designed to restore the joy of writing by hand. Their traditionalist stationery returns the focus to superior craftsmanship and their classic design gives each piece a timeless appeal, making them thoughtful gifts for any writing aficionado. Reputed for their elegant and functional stationery, Ystudio understands the importance of beauty in everyday objects. Made from the highest quality brass and copper, Ystudio’s writing instruments are designed to age gradually with use, so that a rich patina will emerge over time. Without any surface treatment, each piece will develop an entirely unique pattern through the constant use of its proud owner.

Seeking to inspire self-reflection and tranquility, Ystudio creates writing implements using traditional processes and raw materials to preserve a vanishing culture in our digital age.

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Black Brass Ruler
Black Brass Ruler
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Brass ballpoint pen